Exhibiting the regality of smooth transitions of shapes and materials, this collection wears its elegance like a brooch that simply punctuates the poise of your space to complement your lifestyle.


“The richness of this charming dining chair shadows the elegant craftsmanship of its design which reflects the supple meals and meaningful conversations around your dining room.”


“As the backrest of this chair extends to its hind legs, the design exhibits an exquisite equity of contemporary designs and exalted comfort, highlighted by the contrast influenced through the front legs.”


“Designed through the reimagination of silent waves, this armchair offers you comfort like no other. As you settle over its regal upholstery, the design reminds you of a warm cabin in the middle of winter.”


“Go classic with the smooth edges of this leather upholstered dining chair as it reminds you of the wholesome dinners with your family.”


“The spacious seat of this armchair is supported by the wide legs included in the frame even as the pristine upholstery contrasts with its black base existing in a seamless harmony.”