Literally translating to ‘comfort’ in Spanish, this collection speaks for itself with pieces that remind you of the happier times in life that were and are yet to come. It makes you feel as safe in your space as you are in your own skin.


The textured cylindrical base of this side table makes way for the pristine circular tabletop which expressly invites you to make use of it every time you turn the corner in your living room.


You would not want to miss on finding yourself a place on this sumptuous armchair with its seat extending to the base and fine pattern adorning its seams.


The backrest of this armchair is shaped to look like an extension of the bright white upholstery of the seat, as a pair of patterned woodblocks punctuate the design on the edges.


Settled over a circular metal base, this cushy armchair is reminiscent of the softness of the clouds that make you reluctant to leave its comfort for even a second.