Making a distinct impression with its metal accents which stand out just enough to make their presence known without overpowering the craftsmanship of the design, this collection takes you on a voyage to single out details as you take in every inch of it.


Inspired by the concentric and geometric alliance of the celestial constitutions, this dining table brings the innovation of movement during serene meals with a revolving marble tabletop.


“The eccentric frame of this dining table does not shy away from bold structural compositions as the marble tabletop is swiftly draped with metal accents through the edges”


“With a perceptible metal framework, this dining table complements your family meals and inspires confidence through the balance of earthen and metallic materials in synchrony.”


“Designed to resemble a performative theatre, this luminescent bar cabinet makes a statement with its textured metal definitions bordered with golden profiles.”


“This elegant side table is designed to highlight the stability of its base which swivels at an angle at its rear as it stays strong with an elegant marble plane on the top.”